Status! Status! Status! December 16-18, 2011

Exhibition & Workshop for International Artists

Sarah Butler

A Water

No matter how complete the conversion to virtual realities in our digital era, the concrete nature of national identity persists. Felt especially in the collections of documentation prized by inveterate transnationals―proofs of good faith in photography and letters―national borders are high among the most actual of myths. The truths ascribed to the signature likewise parallel the ir/reality of our differences. Awesomely fragile and incredibly enduring; dangerous and luxurious, archaic and contemporary, all imagined, real, arbitrary and affecting, handwritten text in some cases seems as basic to human being as water. Through a background in anthropology and design, my projects use handwriting to address shifts in the production of space and the emerging global art practice enabled by new media. Language can convey mysteries as profound, truths as real, as images.


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Sarah Butler