Status! Status! Status! December 16-18, 2011

Exhibition & Workshop for International Artists

Gelare Khoshgozaran


Why is slideshow that comprises 255 slides. Each slide is a screen capture of an internet page: a blank page with the question(s) most frequently asked about a specific country beginning with the word WHY by the Google Search Engine users. All 255 countries’ names were typed in Google search bar following the word Why and the autocomplete results were screen captured. This experiment provides the viewer with an example of the ways in which we exchange information and form our knowledge of the other countries in the world,as it simultaneously reveals the absurdity of this type of common yet questionable means of accessing of information. The irony in the word “why” preceding the countries that are reminiscent of the history of Colonialism was another attraction of these questions for me.


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Gelare Khoshgozaran