Status! Status! Status! December 16-18, 2011

Exhibition & Workshop for International Artists

Elisa Garcia de la Huerta

The honeymoon

Creating a set of rules where in One Week I will perform a series of stereotypical episodes of my childish quintessential ideal fairytale of a honeymoon, in The Honeymoon I will expose myself, being open to circumstances of contradictions and a encumbered assortment of emotions in a “relationship”: between my “grown up Teddy Bear” (big stuffed animal) and the self. The 15 min video presents, in it own process: simplicity, capricious feelings, maternity, care, frustration, attraction, desire, objectivity and an under layer of loneliness and subjectivity. I use video and photography to document the performance of personal experiences in secret spaces, uncovering profound struggle, fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and pain. The emotional gaps of loss, instability and balance exist within vulnerability. Through an intuitive process of poised intensity, I discover and repair these lapses in spaces of concealment and juxtaposition.


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Elisa Garcia de la Huerta