Status! Status! Status! December 16-18, 2011

Exhibition & Workshop for International Artists

Catherine Chiao-Ju Lan

Nipple Painting

The material – Faux fur, fox fur, polyester blends, glitter, fluorescent nylons, sequined lace, pearls, glitter, rhinestone and spray paint – reflect contemporary Asian pop culture that is derived from surface and appearance. Using saccharin, candy-like colors, these fabrics are collaged, cut, assemblaged into a painting-relief. The Baroque-style structure deconstructs the pop mythos of classical narrative characters: a princess or prince in Snow White, a bride or groom in Snake Leaves, a wolf or a girl in Little Red Riding Hood. The working process is improvisational and spontaneous, reflects the idea of theatricality and performativity. It is inspired from the idea of shopping and home-décor. I’m interested in appropriating desire from life and from the materialistic world. I continue to explore formal issues of color, texture and composition in painting that belies poignant explorations of female identity.


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Catherine Chiao-Ju Lan